5 Fun Facts About Casinos You Have Not Heard

711 Kelab Casinos have a history of taking away everything from people to give them the fortune of their life. There are countless stories of gambling and luck that makes us question if casinos are really just bad. Most of the countries ban casino games, including Japan which is a hub for pachinko gambling. The problem that people are not comfortable with the idea of gambling is due to unawareness. There are many things that you may not know about casinos. Here are some facts on casinos that you have probably never heard of before.

FedEx founder gambled his last hope


When Frederick Smith, the founder of FedEx realized that his company is going to crash soon, he took his last $5000 to Vegas and played blackjack to recover his losses. That night, he won 27,000 dollars in blackjack. It was not probably the wisest decision he took with his last remaining money, but his gamble paid off, and today FedEx is still running as one of the best in its field.

You can ban yourself from the casino

Casinos give the choice of banning yourself from the casino for as long as you want. This rule is for the addicts who want to control their compulsion. Several casinos offer self banning under the law which can invoke a criminal offence if you try to break the ban. Once you have signed the agreement, you cannot get inside a casino until the ban is take off. You can ban yourself for a year, for five years, or for a lifetime.

Gambling addicts may be wearing diapers

You might not even know how intense gambling can be for players. There have been several incidents where the gamblers have wore diapers to the tables so that they do not spoil their good luck streak. The addiction to gambling can be such extreme that you can find wet floors inside the casinos. This might be the weirdest thing to know for a person who is not familiar with casinos, but it is a great strategy in the eyes of a serious gambler.


The sandwich was invented in a casino

Another good reason to accept casinos in our society is the great breakfast that they have offered us – the sandwich. The story goes like, in 1765, John Montagu was a huge gambler who was hungry, but he did not want to leave the table. So, he askes the waitress to bring him some meat between sliced bread. The casinos then used this idea all the time until it made itself in the list of typical dishes.

The gambling capital of the world

When you read the subheading, your brain must have shouted Vegas as that is what most of the population around the world believe. Las Vegas is a popular world hub for gambling due to its advertisement is many Hollywood movies. But only the true gamblers know that the real gambling capital is Macau in China. Macau makes up to 5 times the revenue generated by Casinos.




Table Rules

7 Important Table Rules of Casinos You Should Know

Gambling in online casino Singapore has its own perks and disadvantages, but with good control and discipline, one can convert all the losses in gambling into significant profits. Winning and losing in mmc996 online casino games are a part of the gamble. If one is looking at the downsides of gambling, they should also consider the other half of it. Gamblers need a good amount of discipline to bag the wins while controlling their losses. They also need the right discipline to be at the table with professional players. There are some table manners that the gamblers practice to keep themselves under the right discipline. Learning these table manners will help you to enjoy the games among the professionals with ease.

Learn the game before sitting


It is important that you are well experienced with the game if you do not want to embarrass yourself among the pros and ruin the game for others. Learn at the learning tables until you are confident about playing with real money.

Learn how to buy chips

The casinos have a specific procedure for exchanging money and chips. In case you are waiting at the table, wait for the round to end. Place the money at the table towards the dealer, and the dealer will immediately exchange your money for an equivalent amount of chips.

Know when to touch the cards

When you are dealt the cards face up, try to resist your urge to touch the cards. Let the dealer handle the cards when they are face up. In case the cards are face down, you can touch the cards as you want to see your hand.

touch the cards

Control your drinking

Even though the casinos may offer free drinks, try to control your drinking so that you can be at the table without becoming a problem for everyone. If you lose control over your drinking and your game, you may be asked to leave the casino.

Stop telling players what to do

One thing every player at the table will hate is someone telling them what to do, especially when they are losing. They just want a quiet time to build their strategy. Do not be the “sensei” to give your own secret strategies to anyone as it will only make it worse if they do not work out.

Do not ask for advice

Not only does this mean that you cannot disturb other players for help, but also that other players might take advantage of you if you do so. Asking others for advice is an amateur strategy in gambling. If you are not confident in the game, practice more before you can sit at real money tables.

Leave a tip

When you are playing at the table, do not forget to tip the dealer more or less often. It is not a strict rule, but what good of a casino player are you if you are not tipping the dealers and waitresses. They work all day to give a good time for everyone. The professionals make sure that they leave enough tip for their dealers in case they have a good game and also if they do not.